BizTalk Map Documentor

I’ve had some great success using the BizTalk Map Documentor:

It is a XSLT file that creates a nice HTML representation of maps including links, functoids and constants.

When coupling it with the Microsoft Command Line Transformation Utility and a batch file to loop through all of the contents of a directory, I can easily keep map documentation up-to-date. It’s a great way to communicate mappings to non-Biztalk folks. It is still technical documentation, but I’ve gotten good feedback from non-technical folks.

Here is the batch file I use:

for %%X in (C:\mymappath\*.btm) do c:\msxsl.exe “%%X” c:\BizTalkMapDocumenterHTML.xslt -O “%%X.html”

msxsl.exe and the BizTalkMapDocumentorHTML.xslt must be in the same directory.


Testing BizTalk Multiple Source Maps

I was in a situation where I needed to test a multiple input map, but really didn’t want to run the entire orchestration to do it. I discovered that simply wrapping my messages in the following XML will allow me to run it as a test map XML source in the IDE.

I just needed an instance of each message being consolidated in the multi-source map shape in the orchestration. I pulled these from tracking in the production environment I’m working on.

<ns0:Root xmlns:ns0=”“>








Works like a charm and saved me a ton of time troubleshooting a mapping issue.