Web Sequence Diagrams


WebSequenceDiagrams.com – Create sequence diagrams in seconds

This is definitely one of the coolest web apps I have come across in a while. I really like sequence diagrams. However, I rarely want to build out an entire UML model to create one. This easy (and free!) app saves the day!

I can write simple instructions on how a sequence is supposed to work and voila!

Alice->Bob: Authentication Request
note right of Bob: Bob thinks about it.
Bob–>Alice: Authentication Response


There are some nice options for alt, opt, loop and notes. Definitely a good tool for the toolbox!


Customize the Windows 7 or Vista Send To Menu

Customize the Windows 7 or Vista Send To Menu – the How-To Geek

I have several custom utilities that I use for BizTalk/EDI purposes. After moving from XP to Windows 7, I quickly noticed the “Send To” folder wasn’t in the same place. So, a quick search brought me here.

Just copy the shortcut for your favorite application to…


…and then it will show up in the Send To menu when right-clicking on a file.