Internet Connection Not Working in Virtual PC

I have a MS VPC 2007 with Windows Server 2008 as the guest operating system. Today I suddenly had issues accessing the internet from the VPC. I tried resetting the adapters and blah blah blah, nothing worked. After a quick Google search, I discovered this article that got me up and running.

It appears that Ping was working, but url browsing was not.

ScribeFire – Worth It?

I’m taking a look at the ScribeFire extension for FireFox to see how I like it. It would be nice to have a tool integrated with the browser to write blog posts quickly and easily.

The coolest feature is that I can drag-and-drop content from web pages into a blog post. That is pretty darn compelling.

We will see how it goes!


I’m Back!

Okay, the new version of Blogger is waaaaay better than the previous version. In fact, I like it a lot better than MSN Spaces…so I’m coming back!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be going through the painful process of moving my posts over from my Spaces blog.

Yay Blogger! 🙂