XPath to return default value if node not present

I had to put this into use today in a BizTalk map (inline XSLT). Since this is in BizTalk, I was limited to XPath 1.0 as a solution.


This is the problem/solution from StackOverflow:


Say I have a pair of XML documents




I want an XPath (Version 1.0 only) that returns “mystring” for the first document and “not-found” for the second.


In XPath 1.0, use:

concat(/Foo/Baz, substring(‘not-found’, 1 div not(/Foo/Baz)))

If you want to handle the posible empty Baz element, use:

concat(/Foo/Baz, substring(‘not-found’, 1 div not(/Foo/Baz[node()])))

With this input:


Result: not-found string data type.

This worked beautifully!


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