BizTalk Rules Engine – Christmas Come Early!!!

As my recent blogging indicates, I’ve been working with rules BRE policies over the last few days. I’ve had to do some interesting things with vocabularies, as you might have surmised from my last couple of posts. What this meant was I would have to make a vocabulary change, publish it, and test it to see if it works.

Well, I don’t want a slew of vocabulary versions hanging out there, and when my development is complete I want all of my rules policies to use my latest-and-greatest vocabulary version. Doing this manually, with even a handful of meaningful rules, is just plain painful! So, a quick Bing gave me the best gift a BRE developer in this situation could ever ask for!

Vocabulary Updater Tool

This handy little command-line tool will take whatever policy you point it at, make a new version of the policy, and update it to the latest version of the vocabularies it depends upon. It works quite well and saved me from trying to bribe my children into the sweatshop kind of labor it felt like doing this by hand!


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