BizTalk Business Rules and complex XML structures

This approach to handling hierarchical XML documents in the BizTalk Rules Engine saved me a bunch of work. It took me a while to find this blog post, so I am re-blogging it!

Adventures inside the Message Box

The BizTalk business rules engine is a very powerful asset in an integration specialist’s toolbox, but it can be tricky when you are trying to operate with complex schemas as you try to get your head around how it works.  The problem I will try to illustrate here is that the default schema vocabulary definitions will not allow you to spread your conditions and actions across different records in an XML schema if they are both contained within a single instance of a repeating reccord.

For this example, lets say that we want to evaluate a batch of customers, and for those that are Infinity years old (ok, not the best example) we are going to set their AwardsLevel to Gold.  We are going to deal with the below XML schema (note that RegularCustomer is unbounded and that Age is optional) and XML input file.

Of course Chuck Norris is Infinity!

Let’s add…

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