BRE Pipeline Framework Example – Promote Distinguished Properties

Great find from Mark Brimble.

Connected Pawns

While exposing a REST service from BizTalk I wanted to quickly change some distinguished properties to promoted properties . Rather than roll my own pipeline component I decided to to try out the BRE Pipeline Component Framework that has been released on Codeplex by one of my mates,  Johann Cooper. Johann has written has own walkthrough but i wanted to record of my experience of using this framework.

The Problem

URL parameters only appear as distinguished properties on the message that arrives in the message box for further processing if you expose a REST service from BizTalk. For example consider the following HTTP methods on a WCF-WebHTTP receive location;

<Operation Name=”CreateAnimal” Method =”POST” Url=”/Animals” />
<Operation Name=”GetAllAnimals” Method =”GET” Url=”/Animals/?limit={limit}&amp;history={history}&amp;fromRecords={fromRecords}&amp;toRecords={toRecords}&amp;sessionId={sessionID}&amp;count={count}” />
<Operation Name=”GetAnAnimal” Method =”GET” Url=”/Animals/{idType}/{id}?limit={limit}&amp;history={history}&amp;fromRecords={fromRecords}&amp;toRecords={toRecords}&amp;sessionId={sessionID}&amp;count={count}” /></BtsHttpUrlMapping>

The URL mapping required for the GET methods is;

image             image

The Rcv_AnimalData contained a custom pipeline component that adds a XML…

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