BizTalk Map Documenter for 2010

I have a project with BizTalk 2010 and really want to use the BizTalk Map Documenter for the maps. I pointed it to my maps and the output did not show the content from Constant Functoids or Links into Functoids.

I looked through the XSLT file and discovered a couple of tweaks that got it all working.

Basically, everywhere in the XSLT where it references “@Type = ‘Link'” or “@Type = ‘Constant'” had to be changed to “@Type = ‘link'” and “@Type = ‘constant'”.

XLST is a case-sensitive language. Apparently in BizTalk 2010 the Type for Links and Constants in the map-generated code has all lower-case “link” and “constant”.

Anyway, I am glad to have found an easy solution. It sure beats having to put all that documentation together by hand! There will be lots of maps by the end of this project, so I am happy to have an automated tool to create useful docs.


4 thoughts on “BizTalk Map Documenter for 2010

  1. This is an excellent fix. I was using the MapDoc for 2006R2 for past three years. We recently migrated our code from 2006R2 to 2010 and I found MapDoc started giving me troubles. This fix saved my life. Thanks a lot.

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